GUAN Zengyana,SHI Songlina*,JIN Yaninga,et al.Response of Radial Growth of Abies fabri at Different Ages to Climate Change in Mount Emei, Sichuan, China[J].Mountain Research,2023,(1):56-67.[doi:10.16089/j.cnki.1008-2786.000730]





Response of Radial Growth of Abies fabri at Different Ages to Climate Change in Mount Emei, Sichuan, China
(1.成都理工大学 a.旅游与城乡规划学院; b.生态环境学院,成都 610059; 2.四川省社会科学重点研究基地(扩展)国家公园研究中心,成都 610059; 3.峨眉山林业管理所 峨眉山森林生态系统国家定位观测研究站,四川 峨眉山 614201)
GUAN Zengyan1a SHI Songlin1a2* JIN Yaning1a CHEN Shengbin1b XIA Zhonglin3
(1. a. College of Tourism and Urban-Rural Planning; b. College of Ecology and Environment, Chengdu University of Technology, Chengdu 610059, China; 2. Research Center of National Park, Sichuan Key Research Base for Social Sciences, Chengdu 610059, China; 3. Emei Mountain Station of Forest Ecosystem Studies, Forestry Management Agency of Mount Emei, Emeishan 614201, Sichuan, China)
树木年轮 生态弹性 极端干旱 冷杉 峨眉山
tree ring ecological resilience extreme drought Abies fabri Mount Emei
准确评估森林对极端气候事件的生态弹性有助于预测森林对未来气候变化的适应能力。林龄是影响树木生长对气候响应敏感性的重要因素,目前关于不同林龄树木对极端干旱事件的生态弹性研究有限。本研究以四川峨眉山冷杉(Abies fabri)林为对象,采用树轮生态学方法获取冷杉幼龄林(<60 a)、近熟林(60~80 a)和成熟林(>80 a)的年轮宽度、年轮宽度指数和断面积增量,分析不同树龄冷杉径向生长对气候变化响应的敏感性及其对3次干旱事件(2007年、2010年和2012年)的生态弹性差异。结果表明:(1)不同年龄冷杉径向生长对气候变化的响应特征存在明显差异,幼树径向生长与温度、水分和光照因子的相关性最强,温度升高会抑制幼龄林和近熟林冷杉径向生长,而对成熟林的生长影响较小。(2)不同年龄冷杉对干旱事件的响应不一致,抵抗力由大到小依次为幼龄林、近熟林、成熟林,干旱事件后恢复力由大到小为成熟林、近熟林、幼龄林。(3)各年龄组冷杉的生态弹性均有所增加,其中成熟林最大。未来气候变化背景下,峨眉山幼龄冷杉更容易受气候变暖和频发的极端干旱事件的影响而发生生长衰退,将潜在改变森林动态。本研究可为预测冷杉对未来气候变化的生态适应性及区域森林保护与管理提供科学依据。
A scientific assessment of the ecological resilience of forests to climate extremities can help estimate the adaptability potential of forests to unexpected climate change. Forest age is an important factor, which largely decides the sensitivity of tree growth to climate alteration, but there was still a lack of a wide knowledge of the ecological resilience of trees with varied ages to drought calamities.In this study, samples of Abis fabri forests in Mount Emei of China were selected for control-experiment. It divided these samples into three groups, namely young forest group(<60 a), near mature forest group(60~80 a)and mature forest group(>80 a). Tree-ring width, tree-ring width index and basal area increment were measured and calculated in terms of dendroecology method. The sensitivity of radial growth of the three groups to climate change were compared, and their eco-resilience differentiation in response to three droughts in 2007, 2010 and 2012, separately, were analyzed.Results show that:(1)The radial growths of fir forests at varied ages in response to climate changes exhibited remarkable difference. The radial growth of samplings had the strongest correlation with temperature, moisture and light. Rising temperature would inhibit the radial growth of fir in young and near-mature forests, but had little effect on the growth of mature forests.(2)The response capacity of fir in the three groups to drought events were inconsistent according to the radial growth. They can be arranged in descending order of resistance as young forest, near mature forest and mature forest, and vice versa for their resilience after drought events.(3)The eco-resilience of fir increased in all groups after drought events, and the mature forest showed the strongest resilience. The radial growth of young forest in Mount Emei was possible to decline affected by climate warming and frequent extreme drought events, which would potentially change the forest dynamics under climate change. This study is helpful to understand the ecological adaptability of fir forests to future climate change and provides scientific support for regional forest protection and management.


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基金项目(Foundation item): 第二次青藏高原综合科学考察研究(2019QZKK0402)。[Second Tibetan Plateau Scientific Expedition and Research Program(2019QZKK0402)]
作者简介(Biography): 管增艳(1997-),女,山东潍坊人,硕士研究生,主要研究方向:全球变化。[GUAN Zengyan(1997-), female, born in Weifang, Shandong province, M.Sc. candidate, research on global change] E-mail: guanzengyan@stu.cdut.edu.cn
*通讯作者(Corresponding author): 石松林(1986-),男,四川巴中人,博士,副教授,主要研究方向:全球变化。[SHI Songlin(1986-), male, born in Bazhong, Sichuan province, Ph.D., associate professor, research on global change] E-mail: shisonglin17@cdut.edu.cn

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