[1]丁 苗,白世彪*,王 建,等.利用树木年轮重建滑坡复活时间的方法[J].山地学报,2016,(05):545-554.[doi:10.16089/j.cnki.1008-2786.000161]
 DING Miao,BAI Shibiao,WANG Jian,et al.Basic Procedures of Using Tree Rings to Reconstruct the Ttime of Landslide Reactivation[J].Mountain Research,2016,(05):545-554.[doi:10.16089/j.cnki.1008-2786.000161]





Basic Procedures of Using Tree Rings to Reconstruct the Ttime of Landslide Reactivation
丁 苗1白世彪1*王 建1商志远1赵业思1赵俏玲2
1.江苏省地理信息资源开发与利用协同创新中心,江苏省环境演变与生态建设重点实验室,虚拟地理环境教育部重点实验室,南京师范大学地理科学学院,江苏 南京 210023;
2.三亚市海洋与渔业监测中心,海南 三亚 572000
DING Miao1BAI Shibiao1WANG Jian1SHANG Zhiyuan1ZHAO Yesi1ZHAO Qiaoling2
1.Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center of the development and use of geographic information resources,Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Environmental Change and Ecological Construction,Key Laboratory of Virtual Geographical Environment(Ministry of Education),Nanjing Normal University,Nanjing 210023,China;
2.Sanya Marine and fishery monitoring center,Sanya 572000,China
树轮 滑坡 灾害 采样方法 样品分析
tree rings landslide hazard sampling methods sampling analysis
The knowledge of the frequencies of past landslide occurrence are important elements for the assessment of natural hazards. Many studies have shown that tree ring is a reliable approach to obtain the information of past landslides with its such characteristics like accurate dating,high resolution and long time span. In order to improve the reliability and accuracy of the time of landslide reactivation,Firstly,The paper elaborate the methods of field sampling,including the choice of landslide area and reference region,the choice of tree species,the choice of the way of specimen collection. Secondly,laboratory processing and analysis of tree rings were elaborated in this paper. The selection of analyzed indicators should be depended on the different form which tree rings response to landslides,including tree ring width,compression wood caused by trees tilt,callus tissue and traumatic resin duct caused by injuring and the size of vessels. Among these indicators,callus tissue and traumatic resin duct may be the best way to acquire the most accurate time of landslide reactivation. Finally,summary and prospects about the time and frequency reconstruction of landslide reactivation were stated.


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*通信作者(Corresponding author):白世彪(1974-),男,教授,主要从事自然地理学和滑坡等自然灾害的相关研究。[Bai Shibiao(1974), male, professor,research interests are physical geography and natural disasters(landslide and debris flow).]E-mail: shibiaobai@njnu.edu.cn
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